Diving Board View

Pool Policies

  • Must have Stout ID, Community User, Family Member or Day Pass to enter pool area.
  • Must have appropriate swim attire and shower to enter pool.
  • No street shoes allowed on the pool deck.
  • Designated areas with lane dividers are for lap swimming only.
  • ONE person and ONE bounce on the diving board.
  • No running on the pool deck.
  • Pool ranges from 3'6" to 12', NO diving lower than 5'.
  • Children under age 6 must be accompanied by a parent IN the pool at all times.
  • Children under age 16 must have a parent in the pool area at all times.
  • Must enter pool area from the designated locker rooms.
  • Must bring own towel and goggles, if needed.

*Any misuse or infraction of the above policies may results in loss of pool privileges. 

Pool Facts

  • Pool ranges from 3'6" to 12'
  • Pool length is 25 yards
  • Average pool temperature is 82 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 33 laps (down and back) make a mile
  • Cubbies located in the pool area for convenience
  • Available equipment:
    • Noodles
    • Dive brick
    • Pool bouys
    • Kickboards
    • Flippers
    • Water weights
    • Aqua Joggers
    • Diving board and basketball hoop in pool area

Additional Information

For any further questions, comments, or concerns please contact 
Matt Schauf. 715-232-1424 or schaufm@uwstout.edu