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About the Trips & Clinics

Stout Adventures offer a variety of trips and clinics. Our offerings are open to all Stout students, faculty and staff as well as the community. The trips emphasize responsible behavior in the outdoors, teamwork and fun! Trips run within a cooperative adventure philosophy as opposed to a guide service. Under the cooperative adventure philosophy participants are expected to assume responsibilities on trips which will include setting up tents, meal preparation, etc. These duties depend in part on the participant’s experience and ability. The more experienced or able the participant, the more that individual may be able to contribute to the group. Participants are expected to take part in much of the decision making and contribute to the group as a whole. The hope is that cooperative adventure trips provide a more rewarding educational experience because of the active role participants take.

The leader’s role is to act as the group facilitator and make decisions during an emergency or when they clearly have more experience. They bring the group together for meetings, provide suggestions, and summarize options. We expect all participants to make an effort to keep activities safe and enjoyable. This requires that you recognize that you are part of a group and that you will be willing and open to participate as a team member. That is why Stout Adventures calls itself a "cooperative adventure" program.


General Information

Most, but not all trips are instructional and are geared toward persons with little or no experience. You do not need a partner for any of our trips. Pre-trip meetings are mandatory because of the essential information that you acquire. If you miss a pre-trip meeting without making arrangements with the trip leader, we reserve the right to remove you from the trip and you forfeit your trip fee or deposit.



Our trips are run on a non-profit basis. Many administrative costs are covered by University Recreation through student fees. This is why costs for community participants are slightly higher than students. We supply the trip leaders, camping/specialized equipment, camping & park fees and transportation. Participants need only supply personal equipment (hiking boots, rain jacket, etc.) and food. Your trip fee may also pay for trip leader training, advertising and trip planning.  


Packing Lists & Local Resources

On our website at Packing Lists & Local Resources you can find links related to the outdoors that will help you prepare for your Stout Adventures trip and even plan for your next adventure.


Quotes from Past Participants

“Best trip of my life”

“It was an experience I will never forget.”

“An experience of a lifetime!!”

“The trip was the best experience that I've had at UW-Stout.”

“Stout Adventures provided a fabulously exciting sailing trip out of Bayfield, WI! We got to unfurl the sails, bring them up, bring them down, drive the sail boat both in sail & motoring modes. Sometimes calm & peaceful, other times a wild ride with water over the deck, sails hovering over the water. An experience of a lifetime!!"


Pictures & Video from Past Trips

Click here to view pictures or here for video from our past trips.  As you can see, you'll have a blast!