Code of Ethics

1. Individualized service programs, based on participants’ informed choice, are developed to meet their unique needs, desires and situations.

2. Any conflicts of interest, or the appearance thereof, are avoided.

3. Programs of SVRI encourage and empower persons with disabilities to achieve independence.

4. All SVRI staff adhere to their respective professional code of ethics. Activities of SVRI are performed with professionalism, honesty and fairness in a caring, empathetic manner.

5. The capacities of SVRI are enhanced through collaborative relationships and partnerships.

6. SVRI includes diverse populations and underserved groups in their programs.

7. SVRI provides leadership to the fields of vocational rehabilitation and other professions it interacts with.

8. Training and teaching efforts of SVRI utilize an applied learning model to enhance the applicability of the curriculum.

9. SVRI’s goal of providing innovative services, research and publications is supported through continuous quality improvement and program development processes.

10. SVRI works to secure consistent and quality results.