Fraud Alert

Fraud Alert targeting college/university professors and students

The first scam is as follows and is twofold:

Phase one starts by soliciting professors to click a hyperlink to a webpage appearing to be from their college or university computer system where login information is requested and captured.  This information is used by the scammer to log in to the university's computer system and change a professor's direct deposit bank information without his/her knowledge.  Phase two solicits college students looking for jobs around the university. They are told they will be working administrative positions where they will be printing checks and/or wiring money to send to different suppliers purchasing products. Students are paid via direct deposit and therefore need to supply their own checking account information to the scammers. The money paid to the students are the redirected payroll deposits for the professors from different universities around the nation.  

The second scam solicits college students looking for jobs around the university.  They are told they will be working administrative positions where they are sent or emailed cashier's checks which are deposited into their account by the students (they do not provide their bank account numbers).  The students are then directed to print checks and/or wire money to specified individuals.  Once the cashier's check bounces, the students are losing their money.

If you feel you have been targeted please contact:

UW Stout Police Services 715-232-2222