Art, photo students make most of summer studies in Europe

Art, photo students make most of summer studies in Europe

By University Communications
September 17, 2013
Art students visit the Eiffel Tower as part of a summer class.

Photo: Art students visit the Eiffel Tower as part of a summer class.

Fall classes are underway at University of Wisconsin-Stout, but two groups of students won’t soon forget their international experiences in summer classes.

A total of 17 art students took a class trip to London and Paris while another 15 students studied photography and art history in Italy.

“This is an excellent way to show students great works of art live and in person rather than as slides on a screen or pictures in a book,” said Associate Professor James Bryan.

Bryan and Associate Professor Cynthia Bland, both from the School of Art and Design, spent two weeks with students visiting art and history museums, such as the Louvre in Paris, and historic sites, such as Westminster Abbey in London.

“The museums in London and Paris have more of the ‘greatest hits’ of art than any other two cities in the world,” Bryan said.

In addition, Bryan said students went to other historic sites, such as Stonehenge, Windsor Castle and Versailles, in their free time. “I was very impressed with their ambition,” Bryan said.

The students were in one of three classes: Introduction to Art, History of Design or History of Interiors and Furnishings.

In Italy, Associate Professor Peter Galante who teaches photography, and Sarah Diebel, assistant professor in art and design, took students to about a dozen cities in four weeks, including Rome and Florence. Students were in the classes Exploring Photography or Photojournalism and Italian Art History.

Galante, whose ancestors come from Italy, also acted as the tour guide.

“Students experienced first-hand a survey of Italian art from the ancient ruins of the Colosseum and the Roman Forum through the medieval masterworks of Assisi to the most famous examples of the Renaissance in Florence,” Galante said.

They also took photos. When they returned, students designed and produced a book containing the photos.

Taylor Kranzusch, who is majoring in interior design, was inspired by seeing historically and architecturally significant places in Italy while working on her photography skills.

“It made the learning experience so much more enjoyable and memorable. I loved being exposed to the Italian culture,” said Kranzusch, of Appleton.

“I learned a lot about capturing a moment in time the proper way through a camera lens. Being in another country really pushed me as a design student,” she added.

In Italy, students also were part of two special video projects. They made their own YouTube music video, the “Stout Gangnam Shake,”, and were included in some of the final shots of a music video made by an Italian reggae band,

Video has become part of teaching photography because most digital cameras now have video capabilities, Galante said, noting that UW-Stout offers a minor that combines photography and video.