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Complete the Secure Online Registration Request Form

If you have a question or experience difficulty registering online, email the Registrar's Office: or call 715-232-5167.

Option B

You may print the PDF registration form. Scan and email the completed form to
or FAX: (715) 232-2436 Attention: Stout Online
You may call the registrar at 715-232-5167 to verify that your fax was received.

The registrar's office will email your confirmation, student ID, and user name and how to set up a password within 1-2 business days. The email will be sent to the email address listed on your registration form. 

Instructions about textbooks, orientation and course login access will be sent to your email address before the course begins.

List of Available Online Courses

Tuition for Online Professional Development Courses

2014-2015: $415 per semester hour graduate credit
There is no registration fee.

Tuition Due Dates

Summer 2014
If the course begins in May, June or July, the full tuition will be due on July 16.

A $75.00 late fee will be charged on the balance if 100% is not paid by due date. No billing reminders will be sent.

*** Monthly payments may be made on the remaining balance until the end of the term under the following conditions: A 1.5% monthly finance charge will be added to all balances remaining after the due date.

After you receive your user name from the registrar, billing information and due dates are available for you to login and view electronically on your Student Center web page via Access Stout Self Service.

Fall 2014
10% of the tuition is due in September, and the balance is due in October. Payment must be received on or before the due date to avoid a late payment charge of $75.00. No bills or reminders will be sent via postal mail or email.

Tuition is the same fee for in-state, out-of-state and international participants. Tuition for students enrolled in a Master of Science in Education degree program at UW-Stout are billed at the degree program credit hour rate.

Course Descriptions

Online Catalog with Course Start and Ending Dates

Enroll in a single course at UW-Stout for continuing education, a certificate program, or a course for license renewal, transfer credit to another university, or for professional development.

How to Pay Your University Bill

Payment Options

No bills are sent via postal mail or email.

Tuition, fees and billing information are available for you to view electronically on your Access Stout Student Center Self Service website at:  

Login with you university user name and password, click on the Self Service link in the menu on the left, and then click on the Student Center link. Payment options include: e-check, check, money order, employer purchase order, or credit card.

If you have questions, contact the Business office:

Phone: 715/232-1656
Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. CST

Send payments to:
UW-Stout Student Business Services
712 S Broadway Street
Menomonie, WI 54751
Include your university student ID number or social security number with your payment.

Billing Questions and Receipt for Tuition Reimbursement

If you have a question regarding payment and billing or need a receipt for tuition reimbursement, email Student Business Services or call 715/232-1656.

How to Drop a Class

If, after submitting the registration form, you find that you need to drop a course before the first day of class, send a cancellation request by email to (Telephone cancellations cannot be accepted). 

If a course is dropped after the first five days of class, an administrative fee of $15.00 will be assessed  for dropping a class. Follow this step by step guide to locate deadlines for dropping courses online via Access Stout.

Refund Policy

For 3-4 week courses:
100% refund if the course is dropped by the fifth day of the class
25% refund if the course is dropped during Week 2
0% refund if the course is dropped after Week 2

For 5-7 week courses:
100% refund if the course is dropped by the fifth day of the class
50% refund if the course is dropped during Week 2
0% refund if the course is dropped after Week 2

For 8-11 week courses:
100% refund if a course is dropped by the fifth day of the class
50% refund if the course is dropped during Week 2
25% refund if the course is dropped during Week 3
No refund is granted beyond the third week of the course.

Failure  to drop a class in the permitted time frame will result in billing for the full amount of the course tuition.

Withdrawal Policy

Administrative Fee: If you withdraw from the university during the first two weeks of the semester, an administrative fee (withdrawal fee) will be assessed for processing the withdrawal. The fees are $50.00 for a first-week withdrawal and $100 for any withdrawal during the second week.

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If you have registration questions or would like to request additional information about a specific course syllabus, certificate or certification, request information online. One of our program advisers will email you today or you may phone (715) 232-2253.

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