Volume 5: Table of Contents

February 2009

Advancing a Curriculum of Place for Justice and Sustainability: American Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies Presidential Address
Patrick Slattery & Susan H. Edgerton [PDF]

Review and Reflection of Paula Salvio’s Anne Sexton: Teacher of Weird Abundance
Jim Burns & Michele Kuzmovich Lombard [PDF]

In praise of the vulnerable: A poetic and autobiographical response to Salvio's abundant Sexton
Celeste Snowber & Sean Wiebe [PDF]

Multicultural Humanities: The Linguistic Turn, Implications, and Praxis
James C. Jupp [PDF]

Tales of Future Past:  The Living Legacy of Eugenics in American Education
Dennis Carlson [PDF]

Won By A Certain Labour: A Conversation On The While Of Things
Sheila M. Ross & David W. Jardine [PDF]

Curriculum Studies in Cyprus: Directions, Limitations and Challenges
Nikoletta Christodoulou & Stavroula Philippou [PDF]

June 2009

Curriculum in Abundance – A Phenomenological Reading
Carina Henriksson [PDF]

Curriculum Studies: Advances and Challenges in the Internationalization Process
Antonio Flavio Barbosa Moreira, Catholic University of Petropolis [PDF]

Issues of Language and Culture in Translating ‘Curriculum’: An Analysis of Curriculum Publications
Nikoletta Christodoulou, Frederick University Cyprus &Stavroula Philippou, European University Cyprus [PDF]

Knowledge, Education, Learning and Teaching: Meanings and Relationships
Erasme Rwanamiza, PhD [PDF]

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