Government and Politics

A Century of Lawmaking
An unparalleled collection of documents on the history of the United States law and government, from the Continental Congress through the 42nd Congress (1873). This history is recorded in twelve searchable journals and publications, including The Congressional Globe, Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States, Journal of the Senate of the United States of America, and Journals of the Continental Congress. The site is maintained by the Library of Congress and offers help documents on using and searching the collections.

Burr-Hamilton Duel
Companion Web site for the PBS program The Duel, on the historic duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton, which resulted in Hamilton's death. The page provides background information on dueling and on the duel participants. Biographies of other key political figures and explanations of the events prior to and following the duel offer historical context for the fight. The maps and timeline are also helpful.

Cartoons on Women's Suffrage
A collection of cartoons on the fight for U.S. women to get the right to vote, most of which were drawn by men and were printed in mainstream American magazines and newspapers. The cartoons are valuable documents for historians in assessing popular views of gender roles and perspectives on the suffrage movement and its impact on the nation.

Castro Speech Databases
The Castro Speech Databases is a website hosted by the University of Texas containing the complete texts in English and Spanish of Fidel Castro’s speeches. Speeches can be searched by word or by date.

Chief George Manuel Memorial Library - Fourth World Documentation Project
Documents pertaining to Native Americans, including treaties, council meeting proceedings, coalition papers, and memoranda from the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, can be found at this site. The Center for World Indigenous Studies is a non-profit organization whose Fourth World Documentation Project archives important documents by or about fourth-world nations, which are defined as "nations forcefully incorporated into states which maintain a different political culture, but are internationally unrecognized." All of the information on this site is copyrighted by the Center for World Indigenous Studies, and is free for electronic transfer if it is unaltered and appropriately cited.

Excellent site from TIME magazine on cloning, politics, and the future of cloning technology. The site looks at the first major cloning of an adult mammal, which resulted in a lamb named Dolly, created at the Roslin Institute. This experiment spanned a worldwide debate over the ethics of cloning and the possibility of human cloning. The site explores these issues and includes excellent photographs and graphics.

Culture Wars 101
A collection of information and commentary on the "culture wars" in the United States. Created by Johannes D. Claerbout, the site contains essays and news articles from a variety of different perspectives on the abortion debate, homosexuality, the educational system, pornography, and other heated issues. There are also links to other Web sites and a humor section.

Documents from the Women's Liberation Movement
A collection of documents giving special emphasis to the women's movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Culled from the Duke University Special Collections Library, the site includes books, pamphlets, and other written materials. The documents can be searched by keyword or located under various subject categories. Subject categories include theoretical writings, women of color, and women's work and roles.

University of Buffalo page on bioethics and the debate over euthanasia. The site offers links to articles and information on euthanasia, looking especially at important euthanasia and right-to-die court cases from recent years.

Free Speech Movement Archives
A collection of speeches, leaflets, interviews, memoirs, and audio clips documenting the Free Speech Movement (FSM). Established by FSM veterans, the archives also include a photo gallery and an examination of FSM historiography.

Free Speech Movement Archives
Free Speech Movement Archives from the University of California, Berkeley Library. Video, audio and text documents from the Free Speech Movement are available online. The materials include letters, personal papers, oral histories, meeting minutes, photographs, news articles, government and legal documents and political pamphlets. The FSM chronology is extremely thorough and is an excellent starting point for exploring the collections.

Gallup Polls
Homepage of the Gallup Organization, a national and international polling organization. Gallup polls gather information about political, social, business, and religious attitudes in the United States and abroad. This information is helpful in determining general trends and shifts in behaviors and attitudes over periods of weeks, months, or years. This site features news articles on the latest Gallup polls and research data.

Impeachment and Censure Materials Online
Guide to Impeachment and Censure Materials Online from JURIST, the Law Professors Network. The site includes good materials on impeachment, the legal background for impeachment, the impeachment trial of Andrew Johnson, and day-by-day press coverage of the Clinton impeachment trial. The Clinton impeachment was a pivotal event in twentieth-century politics and placed the moral character of the president in the national spotlight. This event caused the nation to question the appropriate standards of behavior for the president and to address the right to privacy of the nation's highest elected official.

Index of Native American Resources on the Internet
This site is a vast index of Native American resources organized by category. Within the History category, links are organized under subcategories, such as Oral History and Timelines. This is a key place to search for information.

National Congress of American Indians
Founded in 1944, the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) describes itself as the "oldest and largest tribal government organization in the United States." Their site provides a tribal directory, and documents pertaining to anti-defamation and mascot issues, governance, community development, natural resources, and human resources.

Senator Joe McCarthy
A collection of audio clips from Senator Joe McCarthy's red scare period. The site was created by webcorp, a corporate Internet services company, to demonstrate some of their technology. The site includes clips from many of McCarthy's speeches and from the televised trials.

The Evolution of the Conservation Movement
A searchable database of sources related to the conservation movement from 1850 to 1920. Part of the Library of Congress American Memory collection, the site contains a timeline of major events and developments, as well as a searchable archive of books, pamphlets, state papers, illustrations, and photographs.

The Falmouth Institute
The Falmouth Institute's homepage features a link to the periodical American Indian Report. This monthly publication deals with current issues relevant to the Native American community.

The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson
A site dedicated to the impeachment trials of Andrew Johnson. Created by HARPWEEK, an online archive of nineteenth-century Harper's Weekly articles and illustrations, the site presents more than 200 excerpts from Harper's coverage of the conflict and a series of political cartoons. Background summaries are provided, as well as biographies and portraits of 28 major figures from the trial.

The Kansas-Nebraska Act
The full text of the Kansas-Nebraska Act. Presented by Yale Law School's Avalon project, the site contains other important antebellum political documents, including the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850.

The Sixties Project
A site that examines and documents the social change of the 1960s. Created by scholars in cooperation with the University of Virginia, the site contains a primary document collection, an exhibit of memorabilia and images, and personal narratives provided by visitors to the site. Special emphasis is given to civil rights, Vietnam, and the student movement.

Theodore Roosevelt: Icon of the American Century
A pictorial and narrative examination of Theodore Roosevelt. Created by the Smithsonian Institution, these pages mix images from the National Portrait Gallery with biographical text in a chronological format. The site also features segments on the Roosevelt family and friends such as naturalist John Muir.

Votes for Women: NAWSA, 1848-1921
An archive of books, pamphlets, and papers from the National American Women Suffrage Association from 1848 to 1921. This exhibit from the American Memory Collection at the Library of Congress contains 167 documents from the NAWSA collection. It can be searched by subject or author and also contains a detailed timeline.

Votes for Women: Photographs
A collection of 38 pictures and portraits from the women's suffrage movement. An American Memory exhibit from the Library of Congress, the collection can be accessed through a keyword search or the name and subject index. The collection includes photographs of suffrage parades, picketing suffragists, an anti-suffrage display, cartoons commenting on the movement, and portraits of women active in the movement.

A textual, visual, and auditory survey of Watergate. Created by Australian political science professor Malcolm Farnsworth, the site’s materials include a Nixon biography with speech excerpts, a Watergate chronology, and an assessment of the Watergate legacy. Relevant links provide access to primary documents.

Watergate Trial Tapes and Transcripts
The National Archives and Records Administration’s transcripts of the Nixon Watergate tapes. These audio recordings of conversations in the Nixon White House were prepared by the Watergate Special Prosecution Force for the court cases of U.S. v Mitchell, et al and U.S. v Connally in 1974. The twelve and one-half hours of tape can be researched through the NARA transcripts of these conversations, available online on this Web site.
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