Gilded Age

Andrew Carnegie
Homepage for the PBS production The Richest Man in the World: Andrew Carnegie. Students can take a tour of a Newport, Rhode Island mansion and view images of the mansions built by Carnegie and his contemporaries along Fifth Avenue in New York City. Other features include a timeline, profiles of Carnegie and his mother, a look at the Homestead Strike, information on Carnegie's philanthropic efforts, and on the steel industry and railroad businesses.

Chicago World's Fair
Tour of the 1893 World's Columbian Exhibition, held in Chicago. The tour guides the student through the exhibition halls with images and textual explanation of the different buildings and areas of the enormous exhibition. The Reactions and Legacy areas of the site provide historical background for the exhibition and explain the impact of the event on contemporary viewers and for the future course of the nation. The Exhibition addressed many important issues of modern life, including race, wealth, class, and industrialization. In its portrayal of America and the world, the fair attempted to create a unified vision of the present state and future course of the country, but, especially in retrospect, it also revealed the many tensions lying under the surface of American society.

Edison Antique Electric Museum
An online gallery about the inventions of Thomas Edison. The Edison Antique Electric Museum presents the inventions by type, and allows users to view light bulbs, dynamo motors, and voltaic cell batteries in their various stages of development. The site also includes explanatory text.

First-Person Narratives of the American South
A collection of narratives on the South by southerners. Part of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's "Documenting the American South" collection, the reminiscences span from the antebellum period to 1920. With the full texts online along with thumbnail images of the book's illustrations, covers, and spines, the sources consist of autobiographies, memoirs, and diaries by a variety of southerners from former slaves to Confederate soldiers to women at home.

Index of American Design
From the collections of the National Gallery of Art, selections of the gallery's watercolors of American decorative arts objects. These objects, from the colonial period through the nineteenth century, were created during the Roosevelt presidency to celebrate American arts and crafts. Images of the watercolors can be viewed by selecting a medium or style of art from the extensive list of offerings.

Mark Twain in His Times
An archive and online exhibit about Mark Twain and his times. The site is maintained by Stephen Railton and hosted by the University of Virginia Library. It contains documents, illustrations, commentary, and photographs on topics such as Sam Clemens as Mark Twain, Marketing Twain, and Twain on Stage, as well as on Twain's various writings.

Marriage, Women, and the Law, 1815-1914
A site dedicated to the state of women, marriage, and the law in the nineteenth century. Compiled as a resource for scholars and researchers, the site is part of the “Studies in Scarlet” project and combines the resources of seven major collections of the Research Libraries Group. The site offers access based on a keyword search to over 200,000 pages of primary and secondary documents, including case reports, statutes, novels, newspapers, diaries, and letters.