A Valid (legal) Parking Space Defined

  • Within striped stall markings in a paved lot
  • Head-in against a bumper block/rope in a gravel lot

Students are cautioned to carefully observe where they parked.  If the space isn't striped as a parking space or if there isn't a bumper block/rope in front of the entire vehicle, don't park there.

The entire vehicle must be parked within the valid parking space.  If any part of the vehicle projects beyond the edge of the valid parking area, the vehicle is illegally parked.

Ends of rows are often identified with signage and/or yellow striping.  Be observant for these identifiers.  However, not every illegal parking area is marked.  If you don't see either parking stall striping or a bumper block/rope the space is not a valid parking area for any period of time.

Signed Reserved Spaces and Meters

Several spaces within residence hall lots are signed/reserved for others and a residence hall student permit is not valid in these spaces.  If a space is specifically signed, it is reserved.  Don't park there.  Examples of reserved spaces are those signed as restricted to Hall Directors, Disabled, Physical Plant, Employee Parking, etc.

Metered spaces in north campus residence hall lots are intended for short term loading/unloading.  Users must purchase time on these meters 24 hours every day.