Towing Policy

u10395672  Vehicles may be towed from UW-Stout campus lands under the following conditions:
  1. The vehicle's driver has five or more unpaid parking citations.
  2. The vehicle displays a permit that has been reported stolen.
  3. The vehicle displays a forged/counterfeit permit.
  4. When a vehicle is parked in an area (drive lane, curb, crosswalk, curb cut, etc) where its continued presence would present a potential hazard to pedestrians and/or other motorists.
  5. When a vehicle is parked in an area that hinders/obstructs the necessary operations of university service vehicles and other service providers (e.g. loading docks, blocking trash pick-up areas)
  6. When a vehicle is parked in an area that would obstruct emergency vehicle access to university buildings and grounds.
  7. When a vehicle is parked on university grounds/sidewalks.
  8. When a vehicle has parked, or continues to park in a parking lot that has been closed for maintenance.
  9. A vehicle that does not display license plates and without a visible vehicle identification number.
  10. A vehicle with a license plate that does not match the vehicle registration (stolen or illegally transferred plates).
  11. A vehicle that, to the best of this department's knowledge and belief, has been abandoned.