Staff Permit Renewal FAQs

Thank you for your permit registration.

Staff Permit Renewal Frequently Asked Questions

Confirmation notice

You will receive confirmation of your renewal verifying your choice of permit type and payment method.  This confirmation is important.  Read carefully to ensure that we've recorded your choice correctly.  Please inform us immediately if there is an error.

Credit card payment

You may pay for your permit with a credit card.  To do so you should renew your permit during the spring renewal period and let us know in the comment section of the permit renewal that you will be paying with a credit card.  Come into the Parking Services Office after August 1st to pay for your permit.

Ending a payroll deduction

You may end your payroll deduction at any time.  Simply return your permit and make that request.  Deductions are typically one pay period behind your use of the permit so expect one more deduction after you've returned the permit.

If you register now but are not employed in the Fall

If you're not sure if you'll be employed during the next school year, it's best to delay your renewal until you know for sure.  Otherwise renew your permit during the Spring and notify Parking Services in the event you will not be employed.  We'll cancel your payroll deduction and permit.  If you do receive a permit but are not employed during the school year you are responsible for payment unless you return the permit.

LTE purchase of permits

LTEs are not eligible for payroll deduction payment of parking permits.  Renew your permit during the spring and specify in the registration form notes section whether you'll be paying by cash or credit.

Motorcycle permit

Discounted cycle permits are available for staff who purchase a permit. A $5 cost is assessed to cover permit printing and administrative costs. The $5 charge will not be added to your payroll deduction. Please plan on paying for your cycle permit when you pick it up from the Parking Office. Cycle permits will be available after August 1st and please bring information necessary to register your motorcycle.

Paying cash instead of payroll deduction

The renewal process assumes that most staff prefer to purchase their permit through a payroll deduction but payment in cash is also fine.  Just note this information in your renewal response.  You should, then, stop by Parking Services after August 1 to purchase the permit.

Paying for two permits with one payroll deduction

You may pay for more than one permit through one employee's payroll deduction.  Specify the number of permits, permit types, and user names in your renewal request.

Payroll types/categories

We need to sort deductions by your payroll category, classified employee or unclassified employee.  Classified employees are state civil service and are paid bi-weekly (26 pay periods per year).  Unclassified employees are typically faculty and academic staff and are paid monthly.  If you're unsure of your payroll type, please check with Human Resources before completing your renewal.

Receiving your permit

Permits are mailed in early August.  Your permit will be mailed to the home address you have listed with Human Resources.  We mail to the home address because of the number of staff who aren't in the office during the summer months, especially during August.

Switching from Commuter to Reserved parking

If you want to switch from commuter parking to reserved parking, make a note in the comment section.  We will then verify if reserved parking is available in the lot you request and let you know via your Stout e-mail account.

Staff who already have a reserved permit may change to a commuter permit via this renewal process, but please confirm in the comment section your intention to cancel your reserved permit.

Staff ID number

Your staff ID number is printed on your STOUTOneCard faculty/staff ID card. The seven digit number is printed at the bottom of either the front or back of the card (depending on the age/version of your card). Why do we need your ID number? We use this information to both confirm the registration is legitimately your request and because it's needed by Human Resources for payroll. The staff ID is taking the place of the social security number as a unique identifier.

When does the payroll deduction begin

The payroll deduction will begin on the paycheck closest to October 1st.