Second Stage Appeal

Second Stage Citation Appeal

Appellants may request that their first stage appeal decision be reconsidered by the full Parking Appeals Board. The process for filing a second stage appeal is outlined below

Second Stage Appeal Process

  • First stage appeals decisions establish a payment due date two weeks from the date of the decision. Second stage appeals must be received in the Parking Office by the due date shown on the first stage appeal decision letter.
  • Stage two appeals must be filed using a completed Second Stage Form available from either Parking Services or this web page.
  • A deposit of the fine amount is required prior to review of your Step Two appeal to the full Parking Advisory Board.


    • The fine amount deposit must be the amount due at the time of your first stage appeal.
    • If your first stage appeal decision was upheld the fine amount was not reduced and the BALANCE DUE shown on your decision letter is the required deposit.
    • If your first stage appeal decision was reduced, the fine amount is NOT the BALANCE DUE shown on your decision letter, but the amount due when you filed your appeal. If you are uncertain about the deposit amount call Parking Services at (715) 232-1792 to inquire.
  • If the Advisory Board sustains the Step Two appeal, your fine deposit is returned.

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