Move-out loading out of Residence Halls

  • Loading or unloading near residence halls must always be from a legal parking or unloading area. The special provisions in place during move-in (e.g. driving on sidewalks) are not available at any other time of the year, including move-out.
  • Loading/unloading is not a valid justification for parking in an unauthorized area such as a Service space, fire lane, drive lane, walkway or campus grounds.  These areas are strictly regulated and parking violations will result in a citation being issued and/or towing.
  • The limited number of loading/unloading spaces near each residence hall places a premium on each student extending courtesy and consideration to other students by limiting his/her use of these spaces to the minimum time necessary.
  • When the authorized loading/unloading spaces near a residence hall do not meet your needs (e.g. loading a particularly heavy item) you may contact Parking Services for special authorization to load/unload in another area.
  • Click here for move-out unloading instructions specific to each Residence Hall.