Parking requires a permit

Parking in a university permit lot requires display of a valid permit during hours of permit regulation.

EVERYONE  - Students, Visitors, Parents, short term parkers, those who are loading or unloading must display a permit.

When is a permit required

Permits are required during hours of regulation.  Hours of Regulation are identified at the entrance to each parking area.  Hours of regulation typically refer to standard, unreserved permit parking spaces.  Reserved spaces and non-parking (prohibited) areas are regulated 24 hours every day. 

How to get a permit

Permits are sold at the Parking Services Department.  Anyone wishing to park on campus should contact Parking Services prior to parking.

Types of Permits

Year Permit

  • Valid for the entire year (including summer session) with the exception of school break periods.
  • Distinct permits are available for north campus and south campus residence halls.
  • Residence hall permits cost.  The cost is prorated throughout the year.

Short-term student permit

  • Short term permits are available to students with an occasional need to park on campus.  Short term permits are when spaces are available.  Students are encouraged to purchase their short term permit prior to their need to park in order to confirm that there are spaces available.
  • Short term permit cost.
  • A student cannot park in a university lot prior to displaying their short term permit.

Guest permit

  • Permits are available for the use of a student's guests.  It is a student's responsibility to direct their guest to Parking Services or to obtain a permit for their guest.
  • A guest must display a valid permit prior to parking in a university parking lot.
  • Guest permit cost.

Disabled permit

  • Students and guests with the need for accessible parking may contact Parking Services about purchase of a Disabled Permit.
  • Students with a temporary disability due to an illness or injury are encouraged to contact Parking Services for a temporary disabled permit.  Although the standard residence hall permit is not valid in near academic buildings, Parking Services can issue a disabled permit that enables a student to drive to class when such an accommodation is warranted.
  • Authorization to use disabled parking is governed by the Director of Disability Services.
  • A student with a standard residence hall permit may switch to a disabled permit at no cost.
  • Cost: Yearly disabled permit
  • Cost: Short-term disabled permit.

Loading/Unloading permit

  • When standard short term metered and timed loading zones do not meet your needs, you should contact Parking Services to request a Loading/Unloading permit.  These permits are designed for very limited term loading/unloading and are available at no cost.