Permit Refund Information

Customers who return their parking permit to the Parking Office on or before March 31 will receive a prorated refund of the purchase cost.  Information about refund procedures and amounts is provided below.

Refund Policy

Refund of permit cost is provided subject to the following guidelines:

  • The permit must be returned to the Parking Office.
  • The refund is prorated based on the date the permit arrives in the Parking Office.
  • Prorated refunds are available after return of a permit through March 31.

Semester Break Refund

Students who graduate at semester or who don't need their permit for the second semester may return the permit and receive a prorated refund.  A check will be mailed to students who paid cash.  A credit will be added to the account of students who paid for their permit as part of their student fees.

Caution:  Students cannot assign their permit to another user.  A permit may only be used by the registered user.  An unregistered user/vehicle using a parking permit is subject to fraudulent use penalties and confiscation of the permit.

A student may either:

  • return the permit to Parking Services during the last week of the fall semester and receive a temporary permit for the remainder of the semester.
  • or use your permit through the fall semester and return the permit by mail during the first week of January to receive a full half year refund.

Printable Refund Form

Refund and Payroll Deduction

Faculty/Staff may return their permit and have their payroll deduction ended.  The payroll deduction typically begins one month after receipt of the permit, and extends one month after return of the permit.  Note:  both classified and unclassified deductions are taken once per month.

The parking permit payroll deduction is not an exact match for the term of use of the permit.  Additional factors such as the fixed cost of selling a permit, and granting primary weight to the regular school session are factored into the refund schedule.  Consequently, the prorated cost of the permit will not perfectly align with the prorated use of the permit.  Following are our internal guidelines for processing payroll deduction refunds:

Payroll deduction refund procedure

This procedure is designed to align a payroll deduction refund as closely as possible with its pro-rated cost from September through May.

  • The value of the permit is considered to be apportioned during the fall and spring semesters from September through May.  Permits are valid during the summer months but this time period is not included in the permit's refund pro-rating.
  • Deductions are taken from eight checks, beginning in October and ending in May.
  • The deduction begins one month after receipt of the permit and will therefore end one month after return of the permit.
  • When a permit is returned early, the last deduction will be in the month after the permit is returned to Parking Services.