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Students who park on the UW-Stout campus must display a permit and park in an area authorized by that permit.   Parking lots are strictly regulated for valid permit to ensure there are spaces available for legitimate legal permit holders.

Parking Permit Information


We expect to be able to accommodate all residence hall applicants during the 2013-2014 school year.

How to apply for a permit

New students with a room contract will receive a parking information e-mail (to your Stout e-mail address) in June.  The e-mail will provide permit purchase information and direct students to a permit registration web site.  Note: Links to permit registration pages are also posted on the Parking web page under 2013-14 Parking Permit Applications.

Spring Semester Application:  You will not receive a contact.  Please log onto the area that applies to your residence:  either Residence Halls or Commuter Students.  From those pages you'll be able to navigate to the permit registration pages.

Complete and submit your registration, and you will be entered into the permit lottery. The permit cost will be added to the student's university billing.

Permit Assignment Process

Depending upon the number of applications, parking spaces may be limited.  First priority is given to continuing students (those who have lived in UW-Stout residence halls before).  The remaining permits are assigned to freshman/transfers - we expect all applicants to receive a permit.

Short-term Permits

Students may not need a full year permit. Short term permits are available during the school year for those students who occasionally use a vehicle.


In August, student applicants will receive a confirmation via their UW-Stout e-mail account outlining their permit assignment.

What do I do if I don't receive a parking permit?

We expect each applicant to receive a permit.

I am living off campus, not in a residence hall

Visit our website commuter page for information about obtaining an off-campus commuter permit.

Parking on Move-in Day

There are special move-in day parking and unloading processes to make that day most convenient for you.  Watch your mail in August for a Move-In Day Newsletter from Housing & Residence Life.   

Loading/unloading parking

Students must load/unload from a legal parking space (either a permit space with valid permit or a paid metered space).  When these options are not suitable a student may pick up a no-cost unloading permit from Parking Services.

Parking for a student's guests

Guests are responsible for parking legally by either displaying a valid permit or parking at a paid meter.  All campus parking areas are identified by signage and those signs show the hours of regulation.  Students are responsible for informing their guests of applicable parking regulations and the need for display of a permit or payment of a meter.


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