Parking While Working Overnight

Center campus parking lots prohibit overnight parking from 2 AM to 7 AM, Monday through Friday.  Note:  Overnight parking is not regulated on Friday and Saturday nights.

If you're working late or coming in early and need to park during the prohibited hours, please follow the following guidelines:

  • Park in a regular parking space near your office.
  • Call University Police at X 2222 (your call will be switched to the Menomonie Police Dispatcher)
  • Give the dispatcher your campus phone extension.  Let the dispatcher know that you're calling from Stout, are parked on campus, and ask that the Police officer on duty call you in your office.
  • When the officer calls you, provide him/her with your vehicle description, license plate, and parking location.
  • Please do not give your information to the dispatcher and ask that she/he radio the information to the University Police officer.  We want the officer to talk to you directly in the interest of accurate information and to give us the opportunity to talk to you about any special circumstances such as snow removal.