Parking Services recognizes Faculty/Staff's need for convenient loading/unloading facilities.  Of course, Faculty/Staff loading/unloading is only one of many needs for convenient, accessible parking near university buildings.  The limited service areas near buildings are also in high demand from service providers, university physical plant, mail services, delivery vehicles, and student loading/unloading needs.

Consequently, Parking Services attempts to manage access to these limited service areas in an attempt to utilize them in the most safe, efficient and productive manner possible.

Prior Authorization

To facilitate the best use of potential loading/unloading areas, prior authorization is required from Parking Services.  Authorization is provided through issue of a short-term loading/unloading permit.  Please stop by Parking Services prior to loading/unloading to pick up that permit.

Loading Docks/Service Areas

Unloading permits are required for any use of building loading docks, walkways, lawns, fire lanes, etc. All of these areas are monitored 24 hours every day.  Regulation after hours is necessary because many of these areas serve as fire lanes, and emergency building access, and service to university buildings is often needed during evenings and weekends.

Other options

  • Use of a regular parking space with either your valid university parking permit or a permit issued by Parking Services.
  • Short term use of other types of service parking with display of a special permit issued from Parking Services.
  • Use of a short term loading/unloading metered space with payment of that meter.

Communication is the key.  Please contact Parking Services for any loading/unloading need.