Arrange Guest Parking

Parking in a UW-Stout parking lot requires display of a permit at all times during hours of regulation, therefore guests/visitors must purchase and display a parking permit prior to parking on campus.

It is especially important for residence hall guests to obtain a permit because they're usually staying overnight and don't have the option of parking in a meter or on a City street.

The UW-Stout student is responsible for obtaining a permit for their guest prior to that guest's arrival and informing their guest of pertinent parking regulations and appropriate parking areas.  A guest cannot park in a university lot prior to displaying a permit.

To obtain a guest permit, stop into the Parking Services office Monday through Friday from 7:45 AM to 4:25 PM.

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Weekends:  Residence hall parking lots do not require display of a permit from 1 PM Friday through 9 PM Sunday.  If your guests arrival and departure is within that time period he/she may park without a permit.

Day visits only:  When a guest is not staying overnight he/she may park in a metered space (with payment) or a legal City street space rather than purchase a permit to park in a university parking lot.