Academic project-related late night parking


Overnight parking in campus parking lots is restricted.  If your classwork requires working (and parking) later than 2 AM please follow the directions below.  This page also includes information about loading/unloading parking.

Late-night parking

Parking in campus commuter lots is restricted from 2 AM until 7 AM.  If you need to park between these hours:

  • You must have an after hours building pass
  • From 2 AM until 7 AM you may only park in Lot 34 (east of Applied Arts - verify the lot number on lot entrance sign)
  • A valid permit is required beginning at 7 AM



Loading/unloading must be at the Applied Arts (or other building) loading dock and be authorized beforehand by Parking Services.  Stop by Parking Services to pick up a no-cost short-term unloading permit.  If your use will be very short, under ten minutes, you may call Parking Services, but must do so immediately after parking.