Parking Permit Online Registration

 The link at the bottom of this page will direct you to a new online permit sales process.  A few tips below:

  • Log-on to the application using your standard UW-Stout user name and password (the one you use for email, etc)

  • NOTE: You will be asked for a mailing address, then later given the option to have the permit mailed or pick up the permit.  If you choose the mail permit option, keep in mind that it takes a few days for the permit to arrive and that in order to park on the campus you must have a valid permit displayed.  You may want to choose the pick-up option depending on your time frame.
  • The process should show you the permit(s) you are eligible to purchase: e.g. commuter, north housing, south housing.  If you believe that you're not seeing the correct option, please call Parking Services

  • By purchasing a UW-Stout parking permit you are agreeing to the Parking Permit Use Agreement

  • It will take a little time to transition from screen to screen.  Please select action buttons (next, submit, etc) only once.
  • You will be asked to register a vehicle (make, model, state, license plate number).  Please have that information available prior to beginning your registration.

  • Payment options are either credit card. Bursar (student) or Payroll Deduction (staff).
    • The Bursar option will add the permit cost  to a student's university billing.
    • The Payroll Deduction option will add the permit cost as a deduction to an employee's wages.  More info
      • Note:  Payroll Deduction is only available through the first week of classes of the fall semester.
  • After completing the permit purchase you will receive a confirmation/receipt by email.  If you do not receive a confirmation, call Parking Services
  • Call Parking Services if you encounter problems or have questions.

Questions?  Call (715) 232-1792 during office hours:  7:45 AM – 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday

Link to Permit Purchase