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Do you need additional financial aid to cover your bill?
You will find information and application instructions for additional loans (the Parent PLUS Loan, SELF Loan, and alternative education loans) on our Loans webpage

Submitting IRS tax information to UW-Stout:

If you received a Verification Worksheet in the mail from our office, visit our Submit Verification & Tax Information webpage to view instructions on submitting your IRS tax information to our office.

Be aware of limits to financial aid eligibility!

Schools are required to review your academic progress (your cumulative GPA and the rate at which you are completing your classes). There are also maximum lifetime (aggregate) limits to how much Pell Grant and Stafford Loan you can receive, and a limit to the number of credits for which you are eligible for aid. You must be aware of the limits to financial aid eligibility

Be aware of FAFSA scams!
You may receive information from other organizations (including one called Student Financial Resource Center) that requests a fee to apply for the FAFSA.  These organizations are not affiliated with UW-Stout or the US Dept of Ed.  Remember: you NEVER need to pay anything to complete the FAFSA, and you should ONLY use to apply for financial aid.


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Net Price Calculator

Future Students: The Net Price Calculator provides an estimate of your costs and financial aid for an academic year at UW-Stout. The estimated costs you'll see include both actual billed charges and expenses you may have beyond your billed charges (such as transportation and living expenses).

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