The means for providing equal access is inherently individualized and may include one or some combination of the following accommodations:

Accessible On-Campus Housing

Students should contact the Director of Disability Services (715-232-2995) and Residence Life (715-232-1121) to request room modifications or a single room.

Alternative Testing

Accommodations may include extended time, a scribe, audio tests, word processing, distraction-reduced environment or as dictated by need.


Textbooks may be provided via audio, cd or e-text. This process takes several weeks, so early identification is a must.

Disability Parking Permit

Students with a permanent or temporary disability may purchase a parking permit that is valid for accessible parking near campus buildings.
A student should begin by contacting our office, Disabiltiy Services, located in 206 Bowman Hall (715-232-2995).  Our office coordinates the authorization for disabled parking.
After a student receives authorization from Disability Services, he/she may contact Parking Services located in 110 University Services Building (715-232-1792) to purchase a disabled parking permit.
An online parking request form is available.

Interpreting Services

Note Taking Assistance

Peer Notetakers are hired to provide a copy of classroom notes on NCR paper or via e-mail to a classmate. Disability Services works in conjunction with instructors to provide access to course information.

Scheduling Assistance / Priority Registration

Students may be eligible for scheduling assistance and priority registration to insure that they attain equal access in the learning environment.

Additional Support Services Provided thru Campus Resources
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    ASPIRE Program

    Advisement Center

    Counseling Center

    Student Health Services

Contact Information

Disability Services

206 Bowman Hall

Mon-Fri 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Phone: 715-232-2995

Fax: 715-232-2996