Academic - Possible Sanctions

Academic Misconduct - Possible Sanctions

Sanctions are intended to address the inappropriate behavior in a constructive, developmental, and educational manner. Sanctions hold students accountable for behaviors which violate university policies. Criteria for assigning sanctions are determined by several factors: the severity of the misconduct, the nature of the incident, and the student's prior conduct record.
The following 10 sanctions are permitted under UWS Chapter 14:
  • An oral reprimand;
  • A written reprimand presented only to the student;
  • An assignment to repeat the work, to be graded on its merits;
  • A lower or failing grade on the particular assignment or test;
  • A lower grade in the course;
  • A failing grade in the course;
  • Removal of the student from the course in progress;
  • A written reprimand to be included in the student’s disciplinary file;
  • Disciplinary probation; or
  • Suspension or expulsion from the university

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