Academic Misconduct - FAQ


What if I disagree with the sanction imposed by the Investigating Officer or Instructor?

Chapter 14 provides for a hearing where you can testify, present evidence and witnesses, and question adverse witnesses and evidence.  An impartial Hearing Committee will then have the authority to uphold, lessen, or increase the sanction proposed.  Some hearings are automatic (unless you waive your right) but others are not.  Read your sanction letter carefully as you may have to request a hearing in writing within a period of time if you want to exercise this right to a hearing.

May I bring my parent or a friend to the hearing?

Yes, you may bring an advisor.  The role of the advisor is just that, to advise you, and with certain exceptions they will not be allowed to present testimony or question witnesses.  If you have any questions about what an advisor may do, contact the Dean of Students Office or speak to the Hearing Examiner prior to the hearing.

The sanction imposed was “Removal from the Course” but I have requested a hearing, what should I do in the meantime?

Even if the recommended sanction is "removal from the course", you should continue in class and take all exams pending the decision of the hearing committee.