How do I find out who my advisor is?

How can I change my major?

Changing your major, or plan, is an application process. Each major has established its own acceptance criteria. The Program Director and/or a committee of faculty in the major make acceptance decisions. The paper application is available at the Advisement Center, 11 Bowman Hall.

How do I declare a minor or concentration?

Declare a minor using the online form available on the Advisement Center's home page. Additional steps on paper may be required depending on the minor you are declaring. Click here to view the application.

How do I drop a class?

Before the semester begins: Online through Access Stout or on paper with a drop card at the Registration and Records Office (109 Bowman Hall).

After classes have begun: Only with a drop card signed by the instructor, taken to the Registration and Records Office for processing.

How do I add a class?

Before the semester begins: Online through Access Stout or on paper with an add card at the Registration and Records Office (109 Bowman Hall). 

  • If the add requires the instructor’s consent or is an overload or you hope to bypass prerequisites, the instructor’s signature is required, which means only the paper add card method will work. 

After classes have begun: All adds must be done with the add card because the instructor's signature is required.The card must be processed at the Registration and Records Office, 109 Bowman Hall.

I don't have a major yet so I just want to work on my generals - what should I take?

Every major differs in what it requires to satisfy the general education requirements.  It’s important to learn about different majors to understand what general education courses are recommended or required.

How do I know if the class I'm taking (or want to add) is going to count in my major?

Always discuss course selection concerns with your advisor.Check your program guide sheet to see if the course is usable in your degree. Run a degree audit (from Access Stout) to see if the course gets placed in requirements or electives.

What is Advisement Day?  What am I supposed to do on Advisement Day?

Advisement Day is a day set aside each semester to enable advisors and students to meet and discuss plans for the following semester. No classes are scheduled on Advisement Day to ensure that students and advisors are free of other obligations. Check with your advisor or Program Director to find out about your Advisement Day requirements.

When do I register?

The number of credits you have earned, or finished, determines your registration date.Students with more completed credits register sooner than students with a fewer credits.Find your enrollment date on your Student Center page.

What does it mean to have a 'hold' on my record?

A hold is a condition that prevents you from registering for classes for a future term. For instructions on identifying holds, click here.

How do I calculate my GPA?

Use this online GPA Calculator:

I want help finding a major. What should I do?

Make an appointment with your First Year Advisor in the Advisement Center, 11 Bowman Hall, by calling (715) 232-1465.