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First Year Registration and Orientation

First Year Registration and Orientation is a required half-day program which includes learning about academics, campus services, and enrollment in fall courses.

The dates for First Year Registration and Orientation are:

May 19, 20, 21, 22

June 2, 3, 4, 5

June 10, 11, 12

June 26

Accepted new freshmen will be sent an e-mail (to both their UW-Stout account and personal account) from the Advisement Center. In it they will find instructions for completing the First Year Registration and Orientation Enrollment Form. The Form includes selecting a date to attend the program and your responses will be used by First Year Advisors to prepare a list of appropriate courses to take in your first semester. The link to the form is only accessible from the e-mail sent to you.

If you have no already done so please complete the following steps:

Step 1) Activate your UW-Stout e-mail account

  • Go to to set your email password.You will need your student ID number.

  • After successfully setting your password, you will be directed to activate your Stout e-mail account (Office 365 server).

  • Your email username and password are used for all UW-Stout login functions. You will need your username and password to sign up for a First Year Registration and Orientation Day.

Step 2) Take the WI Placements Tests in English and Mathematics (if needed)

  • All first-year students are required to either take the University of Wisconsin English and Math Placement Tests or have college credit in English and Math.

  • See information about these tests, a list of test sites and dates, and a test registration link at . Placement testing should occur at least three weeks prior to your Registration and Orientation date in order for results to be available at registration. View a step-by-step guide on navigating the testing website here.

  • Students who have already taken the Wisconsin Placement Tests do not need to take them again.

  • If you have college credit in any of the following English courses, you do not need to take the English Placement Tests: ENGL 090, 101, 111, 112.

Step 3) Sign-up for First Year Registration and Orientation

  • Check your email to access the link to the First Year Registration and Orientation Enrollment Form


What to Expect from the First Year Registration and Orientation program


Students and parents will have the opportunity to learn about general education and major requirements, the registration process, and how a typical college day/week/semester is structured.


The Resource Fair will be aimed at acquainting students and parents with campus services. 
The offices that will be at the Resource Fair include:

Offices at the Resource Fair

ASPIRE- Student Support Services (TRIO)

310 Bowman Hall (715/232-5180)


205 Sports & Fitness Center (715/232-2224)

Campus Card 

110 Price Commons (715/232-3586)

Career Services 

103 Administration Building (715/232-1601)

CLEP testing

410 Bowman Hall (715/232-2468)

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (CAHSS)

106 Harvey Hall (715/232-1345)

College of Education Health and Human Sciences (CEHHS)

215 Heritage Hall (715/232-2687)

College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (CSTEM)

102 Jarvis Hall (715/232-4053)

Counseling Center

410 Bowman Hall (715/232-2468)

Disability Services  

206 Bowman Hall (715/232-2995)

Financial Aid Office

210 Bowman Hall (715/232-1363)

Honors College 

430 Swanson Learning Center (715/232-1455)

Human Resources

203 Administration Building (715/232-2149)

Study Abroad 

400 Bowman Hall (715/232-2132)

Instructional Resources 

201 Swanson Learning Center (715/232-2492)

Involvement Center 

111 Memorial Student Center (715/232-1765)

Laptop/e-Stout Program 

105F Millennium Hall (715/232-5326)

Memorial Student Center (MSC) 

210 Memorial Student Center (715/232-3693)

Ministry, The

710 2nd St. E (next to Harvey Hall) (715/235-4258)

Multicultural Student Services (MSS) 

217 Bowman Hall (715/232-1381)

Qube: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Questioning (LGBTQ) 

110 Memorial Student Center (715/232-5622)


140 Comm. Technology Bldg (715/232-5629)

School of Art and Design 

235A Applied Arts (715/232-1097)

Student Business Services 

125 Administration Bldg (715/232-1656)

Student Health Services 

Student Health Center (715/232-2114)

School of Education

267 Heritage Hall (715/232-1088)

Health Insurance--Jeatran Associates 

1321 Stout Rd Menomonie (715/235-6133)

University Dining Services 

160 Price Commons (715/232-2134)

University Housing 

170 Price Commons (715/232-1121)

University Library

220 Swanson Learning Center (715/232-1184)

Application for Student Employment:

Ask a Librarian:

University Police 

110 University Services (715/232-2222)

University Recreation 

41 Sports & Fitness Center (715/232-1392)

Veterans Services 

109 Bowman Hall (715/232-1659)

 Significant Activities

-Meet other new Freshmen 
-Learn about campus services
-Learn about degree requirements
-Meet your First Year Advisor
-Meet the program Director of your major
-Register for fall classes. Make sure you've taken the Placement Tests.
-Get your photo taken for campus ID card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my family with me?

Yes! Family members are welcome and encouraged to come with you.

What time does the program being? I live far away; should I come to Menomonie the night before?

The program begins at 7:30 am. If you live a long distance away and plan to stay in Menomonie you can view the lodging options here.

Are any meals provided during the day?

Yes, a continental breakfast will be served in the morning. Lunch will be available to purchase after the program ends at 12:30 pm.

I want to change my major (or i'm ready to declare one); when can I do that?

There is a question on the First Year Registration and Orientation Enrollment Form that allows you to request a major change. If you have already completed the form you may contact the Admissions Office in writing at Please include your Stout ID number. Otherwise you can request a major change on the day of registration and orientation.

Are my AP credits(or other college credits earned in high school) transferable?

Qualifying scores on AP and IB final exams are transferable for college credit. Send AP grades reports directly to the Admissions Office from the College Board, and IB transcripts must be sent from the IB Organization. College level courses taken while in high school may also be transferable. Send offical transcripts to the Admissions Office upon completion of courses and posting of grades.

I'm no longer able to attend Registration and Orientation on the date I selected. How do I change?

Please contact the Advisement Center at 715/232-1465 or by e-mail at

What should I bring with me to Registration and Orientation?

  • Bring your driver's license or other government-issued official form of photo identification.

  • Bring paper and pencil for note-taking.

  • Bring a sweater or light jacket and umbrella in case of rain.