The Professional Development Grant program provides opportunities for updating and expanding knowledge related to faculty or academic staff fields of study. The program has the following main objectives:

  • Foster Professional Expertise; provides an opportunity for faculty and academic staff to enhance their effectiveness in meeting changing needs and roles in higher education.
  • Promote Program Quality; contributes to enhancing the quality of the institution during a period of rapidly changing educational and technological innovations.
  • Enhance Institutional Effectiveness; enhance and refine those abilities most directly related to the mission and goals of UW-Stout.

Individuals or groups may apply. Group proposals must define/demonstrate the merit of multiple participants. In general, proposals can request up to $3,000; higher amounts may be considered. Requests for personnel dollars will be considered but are not a priority. In the case of comparably ranked proposals, preference may be given to the proposer who has not received recent funding. For proposals that include a conference, preference is given to those that contain a presentation.

Due Date
October 1
for activities between January 1 and June 30; March 1 for activities between July 1 and June 30 (Note: Apply for a Professional Development grant at the same time you are applying to present at a conference.)

Proposal Format

The following sections must be included in the proposal. Number all pages consecutively; using size 12 font.

Section 1: Cover Page (1 Page)

1) Project Title:  “Professional Development: __________”
2) Name(s) of Applicant(s)--one person should be designated as principal contact
3) College(s),Department(s)/Unit(s); Campus address; Telephone number; E-mail
4) Project beginning and ending dates
5) Does the proposal include a conference presentation?  ___Yes ___No
     If no, go directly to #6.
If yes, has the presentation been accepted? ___Yes ___No
     If yes, attach the acceptance letter.
     If the presentation is in review, what is the anticipated notification date?

6) Total dollar amount requested
7) Abstract (1-2 paragraphs summarizing the project)

Section 2: Narrative (1-2 Pages)

1) State the project purpose and need. (NOTE: Conference presentation acceptance may be pending at the time of application to this program)
2) State objectives of the professional development activity.
3) Describe the professional development activity and how it meets the objective of this specific proposal.
4) Describe how the activities of the proposed project will contribute to the main objectives of the Professional Development Program: - Foster Professional Expertise; - Promote Program Quality; -Enhance Institutional Effectiveness.
5) Evaluation--describe how the success of the objectives will be measured.
6) Dissemination--describe how the results of the project will be disseminated on campus (i.e.: campus presentation)

Section 3: Budget (1-2 Pages)

Prepare a budget, with detailed line items and a budget narrative. Do not include indirect costs. Funding is not provided for doctoral program tuition or for membership fees.  The budget should reflect standard university rates as detailed in the Budget Information Sheet and follow university travel regulations (http://www.uwstout.edu/bfs/travel).

Submit your proposal as a Word document to: rssubmissions@uwstout.edu 

Review Criteria

1) The project purpose and need is clearly explained.
2) Stated objectives meet project purpose and need.
3) The professional development activities meet the objectives of the project.
4) The proposal describes the evaluation plan to determine the extent to which the objectives were met.
5) The planned dissemination is appropriate to the project and is stated.
6) The budget is appropriate for the requested professional development activity

All proposals are reviewed by Research Services and then routed for standard university signatures. The Professional Development Grant Review Committee, made up of three appointees each from the Faculty Senate and Academic Staff Senate, will review the applications and make funding recommendations to the Provost. The Provost makes the funding decisions. The applicants are  then notified of the funding decision by Research Services.

Final Report
A brief final report (use Final Report Template) is due to Research Services (rssubmissions@uwstout.edu) at the end of the project. (Please type "Final Report" in the subject line of your email.) This summary of the activity and outcome of the project will be posted on the Research Services web site. Also, you are requested to submit the summary to UW-Stout Today at https://orgsync.com/11321/forms/48003/show.

Questions?  Need help?  Contact Elizabeth Buchanan, Research Services, X2477, buchanane@uwstout.edu or Daphne Daugherty, Research Services, X1650, daughertyd@uwstout.edu.

Sample professional development grant proposal (used with permission from author)

Updated:  2/10/15

Grant Submissions

Due dates for submissions are as follows:

  • October 1
    For activities between January 1 and June 30

  • March 1
    For activities between July 1 and June 30


(if a due date falls on a Saturday or Sunday, proposals will be due on the following Monday)