Institutional Review Board (IRB) Members:
John Achter, Chair
Jennifer Astwood
Bryan Beamer
Ed Biggerstaff
Barb Button, Vice Chair
David DeLambo
Nita Fitzgerald
Amy Gillett
Mike Herrick
Paul Lokken
Laura McCullough
Michael Pickart
Bob Spencer (Graduate Student)
Meridith Wentz
Kim Zagorski
Sue Foxwell, Human Protections Administrator
Michael Tvaruzka, IRB Secretary

  • Animal Care and use (IACUC)

The responsibility of this committee is to ensure that all live animals used at UW-Stout for instruction or for research are provided for as required in Public Health Service Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals. All animals usage, regardless of species, whether or not they are covered by specific designation in public law, must be according to the latest publication of the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals. The committee will monitor and regulate the use of animals in order to prevent abuses of these animals.

IACUC Members:
Michael Pickart, Scientist
Dr. Amy Prochnow, Community Member
Dr. Lisa VandeBerg, Veterinarian
David DeLambo, Institution Member
Eugene Ruenger, Scientist and Institutional Member
Sue Foxwell, Research Administrator