Posters in the Rotunda

2012 Posters in the Rotunda

Lee with Poster 2


Lucas Lee with his research poster.

Josephine and Brittany

Josephine Kilde discussing her research with Brittany Johnson.

2012 Rotunda

View of the capitol rotunda. Madison, Wisconsin.

Dean Anderson

Dean Anderson viewing Diana Witcher's (UW-Stout student) poster.



Susan L with Provost 

Susan LoRusso explaining her research to UW-Stout Provost, Julie Furst-Bowe.

Lee with Poster

UW-Stout student, Lucas Lee, discussing his research.

RS Group

UW-Stout undergraduate research representatives: Brittany Johnson, Diana Witcher, Josephine Kilde, Dr. Richard Tafalla, Susan LoRusso, Lacey Holzer, Lucas Lee.