Journal of Student Research


2015 Journal Submission Deadline: October 17, 2014

The Journal accepts submissions such as

  • Independent study projects

  • Student-faculty collaborative research projects

  • Honors theses

  • Other forms of faculty-mentored research or scholarship

The Journal does not accept creative and/or fictional work or literature reviews.

Submission Process

  1. After reviewing the Minimum Requirements, the Formatting Manuscripts, and Formatting Non-Text Elements Guidelines, submit your work as a MS Word file to You must also send completed and signed hard copies of the Submission Cover Page (SCP) and Faculty Reviewer Form (FRF) to Research Services.
  2. After the deadline, if your submission meets the minimum requirements, you will have an opportunity (by email or face-to-face meeting) to discuss the status of your submission and any potential revisions with the JSR editor, faculty reviewers, and your faculty advisor.
  3. After the review meeting, you will have a set amount of time to make recommended revisions and resubmit your work.
  4. After resubmission, you will receive a notice about the final acceptance status of your work.

Eligibility--Enrolled UW-Stout undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to submit their work for consideration in the Journal of Student Research. Recent graduates may submit their research work for up to one year following their graduation.

Publication Formats--Starting October 1, 2012, the annual e-edition and the annual print edition of the JSR will be published in April of each year. For the print edition, a number of electronically published articles demonstrating exceptional research will be chosen by a Selection Committee.

Submissions to the Journal of Student Research are welcome at any time, but to be considered for a forthcoming edition, submissions must be received by the deadline listed on this website.

Contact Information

Journal Of Student Research

Editor: Peter Reim
Phone: 715.232.1486

Current News

The 2015 Journal will be available in April.

Past Publications

All past Journal of Student Research editions are accessible through the Robert E. Swanson Learning Center at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. 

Additional copies of the Journal of Student Research are kept at Research Services and are available for review.