The purpose of this program is to grow interdisciplinary research.  Funding will be provided to faculty interdisciplinary teams to develop a competitive proposal to an external funding source that is interdisciplinary in nature.  Like the Curricular Incubator Center grants, the focus is on specific outcomes:  the development of an externally funded proposal.  The awards of up to $10,000 are to provide time for faculty to develop their idea into this proposal.  Work will take place in the summer. The outcome is a completed, competitive proposal to an external funding agency for over $100,000 with full indirect costs preferred.

Up to $10,000 will be provided to up to three faculty project teams of two to four faculty members.

Proposal format (not to exceed two pages plus budget):

  • Provide the team members' names and contact information.  Identify one person as lead.
  • Provide the background/need for the project; particularly address the relation to Stout program(s).
  • Identify the external  funding agency, the program and the amount of funding being requested from the external funding agency.
  • Identify specific activities and a timeline to be carried out in summer.
  • Please note that the grant awards to teams include fringe benefits at the current rate. (RS Budget Page)

Final Report:  The final report should be submitted to Research Services, in the form of a proposal to the external funding agency, by the project end date.

Proposal Due:  April 1 for summer

Email proposal toResearch Services

Contact:  Elizabeth Buchanan, Research Services, x2477

Grant Submissions

Proposals Due:
April 1 for summer

Email proposal to Research Services:

Contact Elizabeth Buchanan, Research Services, x1126 or Buchanane@uwstout.edu

Grant Submissions

Note: as of 1/29/2015 all internal grant awards are subject to available funds

All grants and contracts must go through Research Services. 

All purchasing agreements must go through Procurement and Materials Management (purchasing office).

Send proposals to:


Submit 10 days prior to agency deadline for campus review and approval.

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