UW-Stout Research Incubator Grant

The purpose of this program is to grow interdisciplinary research.  Funding will be provided to faculty interdisciplinary teams to develop a competitive proposal to an external funding source that is interdisciplinary in nature.  Like the Curricular Incubator Center grants, the focus is on specific outcomes:  the development of an externally funded proposal.  The awards of up to $10,000 are to provide time for faculty to develop their idea into this proposal.  Work will take place in the summer. The outcome is a completed, competitive proposal to an external funding agency for over $100,000 with full indirect costs preferred.

Up to $10,000 will be provided to up to three faculty project teams of two to four faculty members.

Proposal format (not to exceed two pages plus budget):

  • Provide the team members' names and contact information.  Identify one person as lead.
  • Provide the background/need for the project; particularly address the relation to Stout program(s).
  • Identify the external  funding agency, the program and the amount of funding being requested from the external funding agency.
  • Identify specific activities and a timeline to be carried out in summer.
  • Please note that the grant awards to teams include fringe benefits at the current rate. (RS Budget Page)

Final Report:  The final report should be submitted to Research Services, in the form of a proposal to the external funding agency, by the project end date.

Proposal Due:  April 1 for summer

Email proposal toResearch Services

Contact:  Sue Foxwell, Research Services, x2477


Grant Submissions

Proposals Due:
April 1 for summer

Email proposal to Research Services:

Contact Sue Foxwell, Research Services, x1126 or foxwells@uwstout.edu