Grant Submissions

Note: as of 1/29/2015 all internal grant awards are subject to available funds

All grants and contracts must go through Research Services. 

All purchasing agreements must go through Procurement and Materials Management (purchasing office).

Send proposals to:

Submit 10 days prior to agency deadline for campus review and approval.

Research Services ImageNow Instructions

UW-Stout Research Incubator Grant
        Due Date: April 1

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UW-Stout Traditional Professional Development Grant
        Due Dates:  October 1 and March 1

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Assistance in preparing a grant proposal is available from Research Services, including links to prior grant recipients. For assistance contact Sue Foxwell, Research Services Director, 715/232-2477.

Click to view a sample professional development grant proposal (used with permission from author).

UW-Stout Online Teaching Professional Development Grant
        Four weeks prior to activity

Just-in-Time Conference Co-Presentation Grant 
        Six weeks prior to activity

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JIT applications are being accepted from all faculty and academic staff members for activities occurring between July 1 and June 30.

All Just-in-Time (JIT) grant proposals are due electronically to Research Services at least 6 weeks before the professional development activity.

Just-in-Time Professional Development Grant
 JIT applications for 2014-15 are being accepted.

        Six weeks prior to activity