Definition of Research - Department of Communication Studies, Foreign Languages and Performing Arts

The faculty participates in applied and theoretical research and scholarship through activities, which lead to the application or utilization of knowledge and invention, and/or to creative activities which produce new works of literature, music, and the fine arts.  The results of scholarly, creative, or applied research may be shared by performance, exhibitions, oral presentations, publications, or application of innovations on or off campus.

Research and scholarship play a vital role in faculty, program and course development contributing to both individual professional fulfillment and teaching excellence.  As the faculty chooses to engage in research and scholarly activities, the university will provide support whenever possible.  The departments will identify the roles of research and scholarship for their respective disciplines and define the relationship that these activities will play to personal matters such as promotion, tenure, retention, and merit.

(Submitted: November 2006; Reviewed: October 2014)