Definition of Research - Department of Biology

The Biology Department adopts the following types of scholarly activity, identified and defined by the University Research Council in their deliberations in the summer of 2005.  These definitions provide guidance but are not discrete since overlap may exist across types of scholarship, and the definitions are not exhaustive of all possible types of significant scholarship.  The intention of the definitions is to value and encourage scholarship in all its diverse forms.

1. The Scholarship of Application includes activities that related knowledge in academic disciplines to communities beyond academia.  Applications may include original investigations oriented to solving problems, developing solutions to problems through use of existing discipline-based knowledge, or making information or ideas accessible to the public.

2. The Scholarship of Artistic Endeavor includes activities that are directly related to the creative process, particularly in fine and applied arts, such as drama, music, and visual arts.  This scholarship involves artistic creation and dissemination of works.

3. The Scholarship of Discovery includes all activities that extend knowledge through the discovery or collection of new information. The scholarship of discovery includes, but is not limited to, what is typically called basic or original research.

4. The Scholarship of Integration includes activities that are primarily interdisciplinary and interpretive, seeking better understanding of existing knowledge through integration across disciplines and original synthesis to bring new meanings and insights.

5. The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning includes activities that are directly related to improving pedagogical practices.  This type of scholarship is oriented to discovery, evaluation, and communication of information about the teaching and learning process.

The department supports scholarly activities, particularly those that engage students.  Since we are a publicly funded institution, the knowledge generated by the biology department faculty at UW-Stout should be shared as much as possible for the common good.  To accomplish this, the department values works subjected to peer review for scholarly or professional audiences and the sharing of creative works by performance, exhibition, presentation, publication, or the application of innovation for the public and private sectors.  Using this document as a guide, our department will determine the roles scholarly activities play in personnel matters such as promotion, tenure retention, merit and post-tenure review. 

(Submitted: July 2005; Revised: October 2014)