Credit By Portfolio Assessment

*This procedure needs to be accomplished by Program Director

Students who wish to pursue the possibility of testing out of a course, through a portfolio assessment, should first read the policy as stated below and then contact their advisor and/or program director.

General Policies

  1. A student seeking credit at UW-Stout by portfolio assessment must be legitimately enrolled (registered and fees paid) student at the university for the current term before initiating and attempting to test-out for credit. Credit will not be recorded for non-enrolled individuals.
  2. Students seeking credits for courses may test-out of and receive credit in only those courses which are approved courses of the university. Credits can be awarded for professional or technical experience and/ or certification by means of a portfolio assessment, or method determined by the examining committee on an individual basis.
  3. Students seeking credits for courses will receive the credit normally awarded for the courses upon successful completion of the test-out. These credits will not count towards the university's residency credit requirement. If credit is granted, the grade for a test-out will be determined by the assessment as a credit/no credit award.
  4. The portfolio review request form must be completed via the Portfolio Assessment form. Please contact your Program Director about completing the form and the review process.

 Procedures for the Credit by Portfolio Assessment

  1. Applicant will submit a portfolio according to the Portfolio Assessment Guidelines.
  2. Program Director will submit webform for the student


A $75 non-refundable charge for each course in which the student intends to test out, will be credited to the Business Financial Services Office, the Registration and Records Office and Provost's Office, to cover the cost of handling the necessary record keeping.


 A $50 non-refundable charge per credit attempted, will be credited to the department in which the course is housed to cover the cost of the administration of the test, up to 6 credits.

A fee of $300 will apply for a single test for more than 6 credits.