Where can I find the data I need?

Do you need data (admission and student record data) for a grant?  For an annual report?  Or, to renew your accreditation?

You may already have access to Interactive Reporting which contains a wide-array of pre-built queries that captures current student record data from our integrated Student Information System - PeopleSoft - known as AccessStout.  If not, many colleges, units, and offices have a Data Lead (one trained to extract correct and accurate data for your needs).

Click here to find your college, unit, or office Data Lead.  All requests for student records data must begin with a Data Lead.

If you and your Data Lead cannot ascertain the data needed for your grant, report, or needed use.  Please have the Data Lead click here to submit a request for additional data.

For those in need of financial aid, student financial, or human resource data, please contact the appropriate office with your request.

If you are looking for historical student record data, you may find the information you need on the institutional research page of Planning, Assessment, Research, and Quality (PARQ) web site.

For requests from outside UW-Stout, student directory information is available for a fee for service basis.  Please submit your student data record request and pay the $100 dollar fee online here