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Have you Graduated from High School? 

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If you are in High School and want to take a class, Please Stop Here. Please go to and complete the UW System application for admission.

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 Do you plan to continue at UW-Stout the next semester?

Do you plan to participate in the University of Wisconsin - Stout Study Abroad program? 


If you plan to continue in the next semester, go to and complete the UW System application for admission.
Continuing Students: Stop here if you are now or were enrolled at UW-Stout last semester. You may register through Access Stout.
Admitted Students: If you are already admitted for a term Stop here. Please contact the Registration and Records Office via email
( to enroll.
Have you attended or applied to UW-Stout in the past? 


New and Re-Entering Students: Please complete this registration form.


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 When was the last year you filed Wisconsin Income Tax? (ex. 2014)
 Have you, your spouse or parent(s) recently moved to Wisconsin
  to accept permanent full-time employment?
 Do you claim legal Wisconsin residence for tuition purposes?

Indicate the dates you have lived at your present address:
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 Graduate Credit Enrollees Only

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I plan to take courses as a Non-Degree special student for transfer or to
extend my education. (This does not constitute application/admission
to a degree program)

SubjectCrs#SecG/UGCourse Title
CrMeeting Times
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End Date
ENGL101001UComposition 1
38:00 - 9:50am

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