The Dietetic Internship begins each August and ends typically by the end of May. The program generally follows the academic calendar for fall and spring semesters with the exception of the introductory program meetings beginning the first week in August and the program wrap-up during the last week in May.

The rotation schedule for supervised practice includes a two-week break during the Christmas/New Year’s holidays. It does not observe any other holiday or university release dates, including spring break. Release time from supervised practice for any holiday observances or other circumstances is at the discretion of the internship director and the practice site preceptor.

Interns register for the 9 credits of seminar FN-865 fall semester and 9 credits of seminar FN-865 spring semester.

Part of one Monday per month is reserved for seminar class. Interns typically spend Monday through Friday (although occasional weekends and evenings may be required) at their designated supervised practice rotation for an average of 40 hours per week. Interns are made aware of their academic and supervised practice rotations a minimum of 30 days prior to the start of their first rotation. The academic calendar and rotations may vary slightly from year to year depending on facilities and fluctuating yearly calendar.