Is Honors College for me?

The Honors College is for students who want to expand their education and get more out of their university experience than just a degree. The program is an enhancement to your Stout education; it is not about burdening you with more work, but rather, creating in depth discussion with your peers. This is definitely not like AP classes in high school. The people you will meet will be from across every major on campus. 


What is an honors contract?

Honors contracts are projects students do with a professor. Students propose a "contract" in which they explore a topic of interest. Students are able to explore areas in which they have an interest with professors with similar interests, and complete at least one contract during their college career.

Why would anyone want to do this?

Many students find the thought of discussing and exploring issues interesting. If you are a curious person this may be something you enjoy. An honors education also adds prestige to your transcript and makes you stand out with future employers.

How hard is it to quit if I crash and burn?

No worries! We are here to help. If you are having trouble completing projects or just find too much on your plate, let us know, and we can work with you. Honors isn’t for everyone, but it is very doable within your graduation plan.

Won't participating in the Honors College ruin my social life at Stout?

Visit and you’ll see that Honors College students are just like you. The Honors College may be the group on campus with the most diversity. Students vary widely and come from all majors. They are students who are curious and like to consider the nuances of various topics.

What social and cultural opportunities are there?

Honors College students like to have fun! We go snowshoeing, we go to the opera, and we see plays in the Twin Cities. We even host pumpkin-carving and game nights. Honors College gives UW-Stout a small-school feel.

How can I join?

See the Honors College website introduction page for Application and Invitation to Join forms (in the sidebar at right).

What if I am a transfer student?

If you are coming in with 30 or more credits, arrange a meeting with us to see if you can enter under an expedited plan that is a reduced number of required honors units and colloquia.

How can I plan a visit?

Please call or email the UW-Stout Admissions Office at 715-232-1232 or to schedule a visit, or register for a visit online. When you schedule a visit through Admissions, request to visit the Honors College office to meet with us.

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