Each of UW-Stout's undergraduate programs includes requirements in the following categories:

General Education Requirements

The General Education Program provides the core of what it means to be a well-educated university graduate. The goal is to promote human excellence through a broad foundation of skills and knowledge required to realize a meaningful personal, professional, and civic life. The General Education Program is intended to enable students to contribute to and live responsibly in a diverse, interconnected, and technologically sophisticated global community.

Racial and Ethnic Studies Requirements

Each student must satisfy the racial and ethnic studies requirement as preparation for being an engaged citizen in a highly diverse society. Criteria for meeting the requirement are listed in the Course Timetable each semester. Through approved courses, it is hoped that graduates will come to appreciate, understand, value and respond respectfully to cultural diversity. Through the study of U.S. cultures other than those from a European origin, we hope to discourage racism and thus reduce its effects.

Global Perspective Requirement

To earn a bachelor's degree, students must fulfill a global perspective requirement which will help students appreciate cultural, economic, political, environmental and social differences. Increasingly, graduates will work with people who do not speak English well or whose culture is quite different from their own. Learning a second language and developing an understanding of another culture can provide students with skills they will be able to use in international situations.

The current requirements for each of the categories are available here. [PDF] 

Requirements for students admitted prior to Fall 2013 are available here. [PDF]