Program and Concentration Objectives

Program Objectives

At the completion of the Health, Wellness and Fitness program, graduates will be able to:

  1. Distinguish common motivation and barriers to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  2. Use health, wellness and fitness assessments or technologies to inform professionals and clienteles in the development of healthy lifestyles.

  3. Evaluate factors associated with health risks and disease.

  4. Prescribe management concepts to health and wellness-related programs.

Concentration Objectives

Health and Wellness Promotions Concentration objectives include:

  1. Develop knowledge of public health issues and disease prevention.

  2. Create awareness of health issues related to the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol.

  3. Recognize the development of individual and common influences across the lifespan and be prepared to address issues of aging.

  4. Develop knowledge of common health care issues and how these issues are dealt with by individuals and families.

  5. Recognize the impact of leisure activities on families, culture and society.

  6. Recognize the individual and cultural implications of nutrition and patterns of nutrition within communities.

  7. Develop knowledge and skill to establish health education with fitness organizations and communities.

Fitness Professional Concentration objectives include:

  1. Understand the health and fitness industry.

  2. Develop knowledge and skills to manage a health and fitness organization.

  3. Develop knowledge of group and individual fitness techniques.

  4. Recognize the need for specific nutrition and hydration strategies for athletes and those wishing to become more athletic.

  5. Understand the psychological dimensions of fitness and wellness and develop the skills to help individuals cope with stress and other common life adjustments.

  6. Develop knowledge and skills to assist individuals with health and fitness throughout the lifespan.