What Our Students Say:

The Human Development and Family Studies program has been an exciting and interesting experience. I learned to love the way my family is and understand why we all are the way we are. This program has helped me develop better communication skills and a better understanding of diversity. We all have a history and our past makes us who we are. 

John Sholund

The program has prepared me not only for my career as a school counselor, but also to be a good parent, and to be a positive member of society. It has taught me the importance of reaching out and helping those individuals in vulnerable populations. You are not just a number in this program. Professors treat you like a professional who will be a great help to the family science field.

Jared Fern

I chose the HDFS program because I wanted a career that was personally fulfilling and meaningful, as well as something that would help the greater good. I feel very at home in the HDFS  program — the small class sizes, frequent group projects and class activities have helped me to get to know my professors and fellow classmates well. The material that I am learning in my classes is not only interesting, but also relevant to my life, and the lives of the people around me. This program has helped me learn so much about myself and I have really seen myself grow.

Greta Hau

I chose HDFS because I knew I wanted to help and work with people, especially children, but wasn’t quite sure exactly what I wanted to do. HDFS has so many possibilities from working with the young to the elderly. The classes are a lot of fun because you learn so much that you can apply to your own daily life. I believe everyone can find their fit in this program.

Trisha Libansky

I had chosen HDFS as a major because of how it is structured to be a program of counseling that can be used in almost any counseling profession. The classes, professors and experiences are my favorite parts of this major. Not all majors at Stout have their students go into the community and apply what you’ve learned throughout your college career. HDFS does a great job with that. Other students should consider this major if they have a desire to be in the helping profession.

Josh Sales

Making sure that my mother’s needs get met inspired my passion to improve the quality of life for those in late adulthood. I chose UW-Stout because of its smaller size,  meaning more interaction with the teachers. The HDFS program has prepared me to work with individuals and families at all stages of life, and I have never seen anyone work as hard as this faculty does to prepare us to be the best we can be at helping others.

Cheryl Fricke