Frequently Asked Questions

Congratulations! By visiting our webpage, you are taking positive steps toward a brighter future. Many students like you have wondered how the program can help them create the career they’ve always wanted. We’ve compiled some of our most Frequently Asked Questions so you can find out a little more about our program, to see if it’s right for you.


What distinguishes Stout's program from other UW programs?

  • National and International reputation.

  • A wide variety of courses that make a strong program.

  • Experiences in the schools available early in your program.

What is the faculty student ratio?

  • 17:1

  • Lecture class: 24

  • Lab situation: 18

Can I be certified for more than just the state of Wisconsin?

Yes, because you will have met the requirements for most states.

Is employment available on campus related to the program?

There is student work study and state payroll money available, and the work can be either related or non-related.

What is the probability of finishing in four years?

If you choose to take a minimum of 16 credit load each semester you would finish in four years.

Learn more at our Graduation Guarantee website.

If I were to travel and study abroad would this affect my graduation date?

Probably not, because we recommend you study abroad early in your career. This allows you to take general courses while studying abroad.

What high school courses would be beneficial to take?

Courses such as English, writing, speech, math, chemistry, biology, human relationships, psychology and Family and Consumer Education courses.

As a transfer student what courses will be transferred to my Stout program?

It is best to meet with your advisor to determine where transfer credits will fit. Courses that are similar in content and credits are generally easy to transfer.


For answers to questions not addressed here, contact the program director at the address, telephone, or e-mail address listed on the Contact Information page.