When asked how the Environmental Science program helped them to be successful, our graduates said: 


I learned a lot about how to be more professional in many aspects as well as how to write a good scientific paper. As well as the various components that make a good scientist and the amount of time and effort it takes to be successful in whatever career path you choose.   Jake Daugherty

The UW-Stout Environmental Science program helped me to stay on track to be able to graduate on time. I feel very prepared on my job searches thanks to all the knowledge I have gained from my classes.   Sidney Cottew
I originally went to stout unsure of what I wanted to do.  I then changed majors and entered the environmental science program.  From there on out I felt like I had found where I was supposed to be. I enjoyed the professors, the students in the program, and the material taught. It’s been a great four years.    Peter Kleinschmidt
The Environmental Science program prepared me for the "real world".   McKenna Sperberg
The program prepared me to accomplish the tasks that employers is all different fields of science are looking for, from the lab to the field, I never felt unprepared.   Tyler Christensen
The UW-Stout Environmental Science program prepared me for the natural resource field by providing me with knowledge and an abundance of opportunities to obtain hands-on experience both in the classroom and outside of it.   Chandra Wiley
This program helped me realize what I wanted from my degree and career. I came in knowing that I wanted to be an active member within the environmental community, yet I had no real direction or focus and this program has helped remedy that. This program has positively affected not only my communication skills, but also given me the opportunity to break into the academic discourse surrounding the environmental community so that I feel more at home and centered then if I was an outsider looking in. Overall, this program has helped me become more communicative, social, hardworking and understanding, while also giving me the necessary tools to succeed in the environmental field.   Jeremy Eckert
The Environmental Science program at UW-Stout has offered so many opportunities that I would not have gotten elsewhere, allowed me hands-on learning which have benefited me as a student, a person, and as a future employee.   Kayla Christianson
Stout's broad spectrum of classes/minors allows you to tailor your diploma to what you like to do. Adding GIS, Plant Science, Chemistry, or other minors to your degree can open up pathways that you weren't even aware of.   Tim Jackson
The environmental science program helped me be successful because it allowed for me to grow as a scientist and researcher. This program allowed for me to experience different opportunities that led me to what career I would want to be working in the future.   Kat Cardinal
It transformed wonder into knowledge, that is all science is focused on. I learned that it’s not about why, but what in nature. I had always been the kid that wanders off into the woods on his own. Everything I've observed in life as far as the woods; I now have general to good understanding of the processes involved. Primarily, the understanding of interactions in ecology has built a net for me to look at every time I go into the wilderness.   Adam Leichliter
The Environmental Science program at Stout literally game me everything I could have wanted. Personable professors, close knit group of students that are all ambitious to learn something new, professional experience in class and in labs, and exploiting the passion that I have for the outdoors.   Austin Littmann
The Environmental Science program director made schedule planning and course selection very easy. It seemed like I could schedule appointment to talk to her any given week.   Jake Werner
The Environmental Science program has taught me how to communicate effectively to the scientific community and has inspired me to pursue a career doing what I love.   Shawn Moen
The environmental science program at UW-Stout helped me in many ways. The polytechnic side of this university was one of the most beneficial things for me. Also, my adviser and program director was a huge help with keeping me motivated, on track for graduation and helped me get through any problems with classes or worries about graduation. The program also pushed internships on you and it seems very stressful at the time but the knowledge I gained through what I did in my internship is irreplaceable and can only be learned when actually applying your knowledge and skill set in the real world dealing with real world issues.   Mitch Wilkinson

"Aside from the huge list of classes and great teachers to choose from, the Environmental Science program has excellent advisors and program directors who go above and beyond to help out any way they can. They offer opportunities to get real-life experience in the field and are happy to help everyone succeed every way possible. They really took the time and effort to get to know me, and by making my needs their priority they have made my experience at Stout so much better. It would be hard NOT to succeed with these people on my side."   Brennan Mehlhorn

"The Environmental Science program at UW-Stout is in an exciting place to be right now. Our population on Earth is continuing to grow; however the resources available to us are limited. Learning how our resources function has helped me understand the critical need to preserve what we have left and perhaps how to help others restore resources for future generations."   Jannell Reiter
"This program has taught me how to conduct proper research and built my confidence to conduct my own research and lead my own team."   Erik Ostrum
"The Environmental Science program has helped me work with a wide array of professionals in a variety of fields. It has helped me gain crucial certifications and skills that will be very helpful in internships and jobs."   Jessica Lusk
"This program encouraged me to join groups and clubs that will help me gain experience in my field of study."   Evan Petska
"This program has added to my success as an individual in just a couple of semesters here at Stout. I transferred to Stout from a different four-year university; the Stout faculty is more enjoyable to talk to because they genuinely want you to succeed here."   Miranda Vandenberg