Michael Bessert (bessertm@uwstout.edu) 

Fish and Population Biology: Use of molecular markers to draw inferences of history – and current status – of populations and species: currently describing a new fish species from the Rio Grande basin; characterizing genetic structure in native brook trout populations of the Driftless Area.   

JulIe Beston (bestonj@uwstout.edu)

Wildlife Ecologist: I am interested in how wildlife populations respond to human activities and management. My research has included investigating the impacts of hunting on black bear populations, assessing alternative strategies for reducing nuisance Canada goose populations, and exploring the potential nationwide impacts of wind energy development on birds and bats in the United States.

Keith Gilland (gillandk@uwstout.edu)

Research interests: Restoration ecology, botany. I am broadly interested in how human activities affect native plant communities, ecosystem services, and how we can restore those assemblages and services. My work includes mining land reclamation, invasive species control and management, and the propagation and reintroduction of rare and threatened plant species.

Bill James (williamfjames@charter.net)

Limnology and Biogeochemistry: I have broad research interests in limnology that include nutrient cycling and management in lakes and large river/floodplain biogeochemistry.  I am currently working on nutrient fluxes from aquatic sediment and sediment diagenetic processes.  

Krista James (jamesk@uwstout.edu) 

General Environmental: I have a diverse array of interests:  water quality, GIS, environmental and forest education, and recycling and waste reduction.  I’m always open to exploring new research areas. 

Arthur Kneeland (kneelanda2006@uwstout.edu) 

Entomology and Sustainable Agriculture: Integrated Pest Management, aquaponics, winter greenhouse production and including a wide variety of sustainable agricultural topics. I’m also always open to exploring new research. 

Matt Kuchta (kuchtam@uwstout.edu) 

Geology and Paleobiology: My research interests are broadly-based in many areas of geology, particularly Paleoecology and Sedimentology / Stratigraphy. The objects of my research are land snails - both modern and fossil species. I am also focused on fossil shells from late Pleistocene ("Ice Age") in the WI Driftless Area. 

Mandy Little (littlea@uwstout.edu) 

Plant Ecology and GIS: Application of GIS and remote sensing to problems in plant, restoration, and landscape ecology; wetlands; invasive plant species; and beaver ecology. 

Scott McGovern (mcgoverns@uwstout.edu) 

Environmental Health and Epidemiology: Researching cyanobacteria and their impact on the environment, specifically water, air and environmental health of our local communities.

Innisfree McKinnon  (mckinnoni@uwstout.edu)

Research interests: Resource Management and Politics: I am interested in how people and communities manage our lands and waters. My research has included studying cooperation and conflict in farmland conservation and regional planning in Oregon, and the impacts of growing agritourism in Wisconsin’s Driftless Region.

Ana Vande Linde (vandelindea@uwstout.edu)

Water Quality and Environmental Chemistry: The Water Testing and Research Facility trains students to perform water quality tests, including developing tests for trichlosan, DEET and other pharmaceuticals in water. We are also developing tests for cadmium, lead and arsenic in soil and investigating heavy metal uptake by plants with edible leaves. 


Program Director

Krista James, Program Director
327 Science Wing — Jarvis Hall
University of Wisconsin-Stout
Menomonie, WI  54751

Phone: 715-232-1557
Email: jamesk@uwstout.edu

Matt Kuchta and student

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