Get involved with a career-related organization. If you’re interested in getting employed by PeaceCorps or AmeriCorps, you need to know the first thing they look for is the number of hours and level of leadership you’ve committed to a volunteer-based organization. The student organizations below would all be good options for you. They can be accessed using OrgSync

  • American Fisheries Society (AFS): educates the general student body and community about local fish, fisheries management, invasive organisms, and conservation; cooperates with local private and public organizations to further enhance fisheries in surrounding water-bodies; trains members in fish identification, boat operation, survey techniques, and other fisheries related experience;and promotes member accessibility to research and job opportunities.

  • GreenSense: works to inform and involve students about environmental issues and concerns important to the University and the surrounding Dunn County region.

  • National Environmental Health Association (NEHA): seeks to be a bridge between students, jobs, internships, and certifications.

  • Natural Areas Club: provides students with opportunities to learn and practice skills in identifying, protecting, managing, and exploring natural areas and biological diversity across landscapes and ecosystems.

  • Stout Pre-Health Society (SPHS): promotes awareness and information for students interested in the health profession and advancing overall health across campus and the community.

  • Sustainable Agriculture Education Association: promotes and supports the development, application, research, and exchange of best teaching and learning practices in sustainable agriculture education. Engaged in community, volunteer and service work with local farmers and establishments.

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