The B.S. CTET program provides instructors and non-instructors the opportunity to expand their technical knowledge to include expertise in instruction, leadership, course construction, and evaluation. To ensure that the curricula meets your specific needs and the needs of the community you will serve, our program works closely with its advisory committee, as well as private industry and technical institutions.

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Training and Human Resource Development Specialization

This specialization provides a unique opportunity to obtain competence in the rapidly expanding field of training and human resource development. Requiring only 14-15 credits, plus a 1 to 8 credit internship, this specialization will meet the needs of students who want to gain knowledge of developing training materials, implementing and coordinating training activities, and evaluating the effectiveness of training activities. More information is available online at

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Substitutions, waivers and concentrations should be discussed with your adviser and/or program director. Forms are available on the Student Forms page of the Provost's Office website.


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