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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of management duties count toward the AEC-449 requirements?

Management duties in construction vary widely from company to company. The student should be exposed to a variety of management duties including some of but not limited to the following: quality control and assurance, safety, estimating, bidding, developing or reviewing scope, processing shop drawings, developing RFI’s, processing of pay requests, account management, procurement of material, scheduling, contacting subcontractors, project close-out, project start-up, punch-list management, running jobsite meetings, being involved in pre-construction, pre-installation and/or post-bid meetings.

What duties will not count toward the AEC-449 requirement?

Duties that will not count or be valid include anything that will not expose you to the management side of the business. Duties such as clean-up, laborer, strictly field personnel, etc…

What are the timing requirements for the AEC-449 co-op?

The Construction Program has an expectation that the student has a minimum of 13 weeks of full time employment. This can be during the summer or during a semester, or any combination thereof.

What does a company have to do to get a position description approved for a co-op if they haven’t worked with UW-Stout in the past?

Direct the company to the form on the Cooperative Education website. They must fill out the form and press the submit button. The position will then be forwarded to the construction program faculty mentors for approval.

What are the requirements of the employer for students who are out on a co-op?

The employer, in addition to providing the student with a great management experience in the construction industry, must fill out two employer evaluations throughout the summer and review those with the student. The student must then send the completed forms back to UW-Stout.

Who are the current Faculty mentors for the Construction Program co-op?

If your last name begins with A-L: Mike Bowman, if begins with M-Z: Tim Becker

Does the position have to be a paid position or can it be a volunteer position?

To count for the AEC-449 credit, it must be a paid position.

How many credits do I need to have completed to sign up for the AEC-449 co-op?

Most employers expect a student to have made significant progress through the Construction Program, therefore the expectation is that you are of Junior standing at a minimum. However, if you have a viable management co-op opportunity as a sophomore, please contact the Program Director Mike Bowman for more information.

What is the difference in an AEC-249, -349 or -449 co-op class?

The major difference is the level of management experience you will receive. If you have a great job opportunity that will expose you to construction, however there are no management related duties, then we cannot count it for the -449 that is required for graduation. We can however enroll you in an AEC-249 or AEC-349 course that will gain you free elective credits and show well on your transcript that you had employment experience.

What is the process for students who wish to sign up for an AEC-249, 349 or 449 co-op?

The process is outlined by the co-op office (Career Services, 103 Administration Building) and can be found on their website.

  1. Stop by Career Services office and fill out a Position Notification Form.

  2. Sign up for a Co-op Seminar at Career Services.

  3. Set up your Stout CareerLink account with Career Services. 

    After attending the Co-op seminar:

  4. If you found your position on your own (not posted on Stout CareerLink), ask your supervisor/employer to submit a job description

  5. Prepare your objectives you plan to achieve and strategies on how you will achieve them.

  6. Make an appointment to meet with your Co-op Faculty Mentor.

  7. Complete and return all Co-op materials to Career Services.

  8. Take registration card to Registration and Records.

  9. Check in with Financial Aid office, Ask 5000 Office, and Business office to pay your tuition before leaving campus.